Consider Her Dead

ConHerDead Flat


A young widow inherits a neglected Victorian mansion, a debt-ridden boat yard business, and a whole heap of trouble in an action-packed mystery set in Devon, England.

After her husband dies young in a freak accident, Samantha Shelley inherits his debt-ridden boat yard business and estates on the Devon coast.

Events take a sinister turn when she finds a dead man on her beach, and an old friend and neighbor, an eccentric inventor, disappears in violent circumstances. The race is on to find him. The police want him for murder. Criminals want him and his latest world-changing invention for themselves.

Sam discovers she holds the key to his disappearance, a key that also makes her a target. To save them both she must reach him first.

 She follows his trail with the help of an unexpected ally, an ex-soldier living on his yacht in her harbor. Soon, she’s drawn into a murky world of industrial espionage and death where no one is what they seem, especially those nearest to her.

Store link for Consider Her Dead: Amazon U.S.A.

Editorial Reviews

“It’s not a book you can pick up and put down – it had me nailed from page one. You’ll warm to the characters and there’s a nail biting finale. Recommended.” – The Bookbag

“An absorbing, action-packed read . . . drenched in mood and filled with vivid, well-described characters and places.” – Honest Indie Book Reviews

More thoughts from Amazon/Goodreads reviewers:

“It’s a wonderful puzzle of a book. Who do I think would enjoy this one? Almost anyone who loves to read. I liked it a lot.”

  “…one of the most interesting, Machiavellian twist-filled adventures I’ve read in quite a while.”  

“For readers who enjoy thrillers which keep them guessing to the end, a good deal of action, and a female protagonist.”

“The final twist was awesome…”

“…tragic events escalate like a disastrous unstoppable landslide, smashing lives along the way.”

“…an excellent, well written murder mystery.”

“…would recommend it to all crime thriller fans everywhere.”

“…will keep the reader guessing right to the very last page.”

 “This thriller goes at a cracking pace…”

“…with twists and turns leaving you guessing right up to the end.” 

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