Mystery Author

Jan Ryder

  I love a good mystery, and that’s why I write them. My stories are sometimes gritty, and there is violence, but not in a gratuitous way. There is passion, but no explicit sexual content. The pages of my novels are not just filled with mystery, adventure and thrills, I like to think there’s something in them for everyone – drama, tragedy and romance, too.

My novels have two faces. Each book has one edition for the American market which uses American English spelling for common words, and one for countries outside the U.S.A which uses British English spelling for common words.JanRyder

“…one of the most interesting, Machiavellian twist-filled adventures I’ve read in quite a while.”  

“For readers who enjoy thrillers which keep them guessing to the end, a good deal of action, and a female protagonist.”

“The final twist was awesome…”

“…tragic events escalate like a disastrous unstoppable landslide, smashing lives along the way.”

“…an excellent, well written murder mystery.”

“…would recommend it to all crime thriller fans everywhere.”




Published by Lightshade Books (an imprint of Jan Ryder).




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